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We cultivate fertile ground for startups to thrive.

Recent Investments Making waves in property technology, web design, digital marketing, and more
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What is Venture Studios 12? Elevating startups from seed stage to growth and beyond

VS12 harnesses a new model for entrepreneurship that combines venture funding and company building. Unlike an accelerator or VC firm, we aren’t looking to fund existing startups or someone else's idea. And unlike an incubator, we don’t just provide the tools and resources needed during early stage growth.

We take an active role in building a company from the ground up. Our team of venture builders and investors incubate the initial spark of an idea to determine market viability. When it’s ready for the next phase, we provide capital, strategic advice, and the right people to achieve scale.

Our Key Investors And Partners Trailblazers, problem solvers, and savants in their field

Tiger Bitanga Photo

Tiger has been at the forefront of the tech industry since co-founding The Design People Inc. during the height of the dotcom bubble. As CVO of VS12, Tiger sees immense potential in Web 3 and is working on several promising ventures in the Southeast Asia market.

Jon Krabbe Photo

Jon is a leading authority in real estate marketing and new trends in the digital landscape. Aside from his role as CEO of Agent Image, he spearheads August 99’s marketing campaigns and VIP client programs.

Luigi Amante Photo

Luigi is an engineer by training and a creative at heart. Aside from being a co-founder of The Design People Inc., he is currently the COO of August 99. Luigi is currently focused on coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs and leaders within VS12.

Bernd Rennebeck Photo

Bernd is deeply immersed in the tech space. He has spent the better part of his career launching a range of technology products in various countries. As CTO of VS12, he is laying groundwork for new tech services and charting the path for expansion in the new phase of the internet.