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About VS12

Strategic capital, operational expertise, and world-class talent — all under one roof

Our Mission

Technological change is constant. For the unprepared, it’s disruptive. For the visionary, it’s an opportunity to move forward. VS12’s mission is to build sustainable businesses that leverage SaaS, proptech, fintech, and blockchain technologies.

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Our Approach

We are hands-on and collaborative. We are always learning. We are not afraid to admit mistakes and adapt.

As a venture studio, we play the role of venture funder and company builder. We provide the strategic direction and capital that enables a startup to achieve product-market fit. We invest in highly talented people to do all of this work in-house and with great success.

Our Track Record

We have generated over $350 million in revenue across 15 companies and 25 brands over 20 years.

Since founding our very first company in 1999, we’ve made a name for ourselves in real estate, website design, outsourcing, digital marketing, software development, co-working spaces, and a wide range of corporate services.

  • $350M Generated Revenue
  • 15 Companies
  • 25 Brands
  • 20+ Years
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VS12 Leadership

Tiger Bitanga, Luigi Amante, and Jon Krabbe, are at the bleeding edge of startup development and technology. In 1999, they founded the Design People Inc. during the height of the dotcom bubble. Since then, they’ve successfully built several other ventures and established themselves as pioneers of the Web 2 era. On the cusp of the next iteration of the World Wide Web, they are looking to set the stage for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

We are a culmination of decades of company building experience and technology implementation.
Our team spans the globe, from Los Angeles to Manila and Singapore.

Individually, we have diverse strengths.
Together, we have one focus: turning sound startup ideas into reality.

Meet the people who are the backbone of the companies we invest in.

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Ginette Wright
Ginette Wright Vice President Of Marketing, Agent Image
Brian Shorr
Brian Shorr Vice President Of Business Development, Agent Image
Desrie Comsooksri
Desrie Comsooksri Vice President Of People & Culture, Agent Image
Ace Hain
Ace Hain Senior Web Marketing Strategist, Agent Image
Kate Jardin
Kate Jardin Division Head, Loft
Aesha Calado
Aesha Calado Operations Director, Agent Image
Larra Carpeso
Larra Carpeso Operations Director For Technology, Dojo
Rachel De Mesa
Rachel De Mesa Creative Director, Agent Image
Ian Layno
Ian Layno General Counsel, August99
Ann Montegarde
Ann Montegarde Finance Manager, August99
Bernice Buenafe
Bernice Buenafe Group Head Of People & Culture, August99
Noe Torre
Noe Torre Senior Editor And Group Head, Agent Image
Davis Faigao
Davis Faigao Web Production Supervisor, Agent Image
April Alcuaz
April Alcuaz Production Supervisory And Group Head, Agent Image
Vic Acordon
Vic Acordon Team Lead, Taocrowd
Marris Lazaro
Marris Lazaro Operations Director For Business Services, Loft
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez Client Relations Supervisor, Agent Image
Owtee Bingayan
Owtee Bingayan Head Of Engineering, Oqulo
James Dulay
James Dulay Head Of User Experience, Oqulo
Erny Nazario
Erny Nazario Head Of Product, Oqulo